Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wrecking 101: How to tow away a car

Step 1: Make nice with the customer. 
Step 2: Scooch the bed into place.

Step 3: Grab the "chains."

Step 4: Pull the chains.

Step 5: Hook the chains to the axle of the customer's car.
Step 6: Put the car in neutral.
Step 7: Start pulling the car in...

Step 8: Put the car back into park.

Step 9: Prepare for horizontality.
Step 10: Move the bed up off of the ground.

Step 11: Grab more chains for the rear axle. 
Step 12: Make bed plum.

Step 13: Move the bed back into place.

Step 14: Give your customers a ride home (only if absolutely necessary).

Step 15: Ride into the sunset.

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