Friday, October 28, 2011

side mirror crash

A side mirror-to-side mirror crash is always a risk when parallel parking, but this is particularly true whilst parallel parking on a temporarily narrow roadway...

Today, the Madison Avenue repaving project involved a final coat of asphalt on the northern 24 feet of the roadway, providing enough room for two smooth westbound travel lanes without veering into the middle section with its uneven pavement.  Of course, a parked car can throw a kink in this traffic pattern...

And here's the guy who experienced the kink.  This photo was taken right after he hit his side mirror. 
And here's the victim car.  Note the side mirror pushed forward.

"Well, shoot..."

"I reckon I should go check out the other guy's car..."

"Maybe he's enjoying some bar-b-q..."

"Well, it doesn't look too bad..."

"Maybe he works at Pizza Hut..."

"Well, I should probably get out of here..."

"Hey.  You didn't see nothing, did you?"


Here she is - - just got her hair done.

"What the--"
She ended up not appearing too upset, so I figured the mirror wasn't broken.
Now - with bike lanes separating on-street parking, this won't happen.  Stay tuned.

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