Saturday, October 1, 2011

(Small) Fire at the Bar-B-Q Shop

This morning, there was a small fire at the Bar-B-Q Shop.  By lunchtime, the restaurant was open for business, but for about 20 minutes, things were jumping...

It's too smokey inside.

Here comes the cavalry.

MPD provides a roadblock the moment the fire dept. arrives.
Get the hoses out.

Call for backup.


Get the other side of the street blocked.

Check the roof.

Check the water pressure.

Get the fan.

Be prepared.

Testing the equipment.

My neighbors keeping a watchful eye.

Neighboring business owners needing escorting.
Eric needs some comforting.

The axeman returning to his truck.

Wrapping up.

Ah.  A job well done deserves a cigarette.

1 comment:

  1. maybe the fire "helped" with the flavoring of the BBQ!!!