Thursday, November 24, 2011

Madison Bike Lanes 3: Laying the Asphalt

The next, and perhaps most obvious, step of the repaving process is the laying of the asphalt.

So here is the magic machine that actually lays out the asphalt.

Right behind it are two rollers.  One flattens the edges along the gutter; the other the rest of the lane.  And you have one guy on foot taking care of the edges.

Working around the manholes requires special attention...

The outer lanes were completed first.

"Here they come again..."

Smoke break.

This dump truck keeps the asphalt machine churning.

Here again are the rollers.

Sign truck pulling up the rear.

Here is Madison with the base coat of asphalt.  Note they left the centerline unpaved for traffic control.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Madison Bike Lanes 2: Milling

Once the water tables on the side streets were complete, it was time for the milling to begin.

These are the two main vehicles needed to mill a street: the actual milling machine and the dumptruck that hauls all of the removed asphalt.

Of course it's a Roadtec.

Next is the scraper.

I think this is how the Roadtec gets around.

Another scraper.

The manholes are the first thing to get new asphalt to make them flush with the lower surface.

Madison completely milled.

The next step was to mill the side streets that didn't get the water tables.

The sign truck.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Madison Bike Lanes 1: The Intersection Valley Gutters

This is the first of many blogs that will highlight the multi-step process of installing bike lanes onto Madison.  The first step was to replace a few valley gutters at intersections along Madison.  Intersection valley gutters are concrete surfaces designed to enable water to cross an intersection rather than flow along the curbs.  One such valley gutter is on my block at North Auburndale.

To avoid the complete closure of an intersection, the valley gutter was installed in two phases.  The eastern half of this valley gutter was replaced first.

Once the concrete dries, it becomes as white as the new sidewalk ramp.  And yes, that is a kilt.  Remember, nothing ever happens on my block.

The western half came next.  Note the thickness of the subsurface of the street.

...taking a break.

"No, no,'re doing it all wrong."