Saturday, December 3, 2011

Madison bike lanes 4: final coat

There are two primary coats of asphalt laid with a resurfacing project.  Once the base coat was down, it was time for the final coat...

With only the base coat down, there were a few days of chaotic traffic patterns.

Before the final coat was laid, a few steps were taken to remove dirt and debris.

After the men swept and shoveled the gutters, it was time for the VAC/ALL.

Close-up of the VAC/ALL's handiwork.

Finally, some action.  The Roadtec is back, along with a dumptruck and rollertruck.

Smoothing it all out.

Note the consideration paid to the new intersection valley gutter. 

A small roller ensures the edge of the street is flat by the curb.

Idlewild did not get an intersection valley curb, but its interface with the new Madison nevertheless needed special equipment.

As with the base coat, the outer lanes were laid first before the middle of the street.

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