Saturday, September 10, 2011

New roof for my building!

As of September 10, 2011, a process I began in December, 2005, is complete: our building has a new roof.  Both a new roof on top of the building and a new mansard roof with new tiles along the front facade.  Here are some photos of the final stage of replacing and repairing the original 1928 Lucowici tiles:

This area experienced some water damage due to missing tiles; our adept roof contractors completed replaced the woodwork in this areas (and even recreated the original brackets).

Once the broken tiles were removed, they were replaced with matching 1928 tiles our property manager found in Corinth, Miss.

Close-up of newly purchased tiles.  The tiles on the entire building were originally green, but were painted red at some point over the course of the building's history.

The Association board chose to repaint all of the tiles green since this was the historically accurate color.


...and after!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bike ride to rally

Today, advocates for the installation of dedicated bike lanes on Madison rode down to City Hall for a rally.  Here they are as they passed through my block...