Sunday, February 19, 2012

Neil's in 1951

I found this photograph in the Memphis Room of the Benjamin Hooks Library last weekend.  It is from 1951.  It shows the recently demolished Neil's Bldg, which at that time was Joe Robilio's Restaurant.  The Pure service station in the foreground was named Anderson's; my great-grandfather worked there at the time.  He and my great-grandmother lived across the street at the Gilmore Garden Apartments.  My grandparents, who married in 1948, lived in the McAlpin Apts.; that is the second apartment building on the right.  Note the first apartment building on the right: that site is now home to a Circle K.

Photo courtesy of the Memphis Room of the Memphis Public Library.
Sanborn Map from 1952 showing the demolished Idlewild Apartments at the NW corner of Madison and McLean, which is now a Circle K.