Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tree removal at the Biltmore

The Biltmore Apartment Building, located diagonally across the street from my building at 1812 Madison, was built in 1923.  It was recently purchased and the new owners are investing considerable sums to restore it.  

From the November 4, 1923, edition of the Commercial Appeal.

The Biltmore, as viewed from directly across the street.

Here is the view from my terrace.  Note the view is largely blocked by a large oak tree that sits between the curb and sidewalk...
Last spring, a large gust of wind took the building's fencing down.  Note the oak tree by the curb, as well as the additional tree at the corner of the lot.

Here is the fence being replaced.

And here is the new fence completed.

This photo shows the extensive roof work that was performed by the new owner.  Note that the McAlpin Apartments in the background are also receiving attention.

And now, the tree that had long ago been planted (or maybe it just "sprouted") between the curb and sidewalk on Idlewild  was about to meet its inevitability.  Sadly, trees in 4 1/2-foot grass strips either die too soon or cause such a degree of consternation on the part of their owners that they must be removed.

First job were the branches.  Those were easy enough.

But the bigger challenge was the trunk - and making sure it did not fall the wrong way (especially on top of the new fence!).

...almost there...

And there she goes.

This team managed to stack this entire 50-foot tree into a nice, neat pile.

Then came the truck to haul it all away.

Last, but not least: the stump.

It just took a little twisting...

And "pop."

And the last piece...

The good news: I know have a good view of the soon-to-be-renovated Biltmore!

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  1. Good pics. Although it was necessary, I hate to see a good tree get cut down.