Sunday, July 14, 2013

Biltmore renovations continue

As I have posted in the past, the new owners of the Biltmore Apartments across the street are performing a major renovation.  Here are some photos of the turnaround of this historic building.

The front entrance prominently features the name of the building in a classic typeface.
On the exterior, the owner used a crane to engage in pointing the mortar. 

The front six units (the ones with the balconies) are quite large: the dining room, living room and master bedroom open up to each other via French doors.

View to the west from the balcony offers a good shot of the Gilmore.

View from master bedroom back into the living and dining rooms.  That's the rear door to the service stairs in the background.

View of my building (and balcony).

For obvious reasons, the kitchens were completed gutted.

One of the more costly parts of the renovation was the installation of central heat and air to all units. 

In some units, exposed brick walls are a feature.

Interior hallway.  The original runner was retained along the middle.

Here is a shot after the renovation.  This is the master bedroom.

Competed kitchen.  All units have a dishwasher.  The venting for the central heat and air was completely enclosed with sheet rock, almost leaving the impression that the building was built with this feature.

The owner used a historically appropriate pattern for the bathroom tiles.  Note the exposed brick towards the ceiling,

View from master bedroom.  The closet has a full-length mirror (in my opinion, this is a must!).

We will complete this tour with a view of my building, the Carolina, from the third floor balcony.

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  1. You can really notice the improvement after the renovation. It took you some time to finish the whole project. Well, it turned out pretty well! Although I think it will become more beautiful with shiny floors. Hehe! You don't have to replace your hardwood flooring, though. You just have to sweep it and apply some wax. :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express