Monday, September 2, 2013

Duck on Madison

The old Bellsouth Building site on Madison, at Willett, sits empty awaiting redevelopment.  In the meantime, it acts as overflow parking for Minglewood Hall across the street.  For a time period earlier this spring, its primary purpose was to act as home for one lonely mallard duck.

Here is he relaxing on one leg.

Of course, mockingbirds are much more common along Madison.  This one is perched on the building next door.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love this! I was looking for information on the official seal of the city of Memphis (I found that blog post to be incredibly helpful), and I followed your blog on that to this blog which is fabulous! I spent most of my life in Memphis, and most of my twenties in midtown. I now live in Chicago after leaving Memphis over three years ago, and I miss it every day. Being able to see what's going on from your Apartment is like being there ('cept not as fun). Also, holy cow the crawfish festival has grown. It was 50 people drinking beer in a parking lot when I first attended.