Saturday, April 23, 2016

St. Jude Half Marathon, 2015

Late last year, for the first time since I moved to the street in 2006, the St. Jude Memphis Marathon was routed down Madison Ave. Here's what the race looked like from my balcony.

Here's the first sign that someone's coming.

First place runner to pass by, who actually ended up winning the half marathon, Brandon Dworak.

As expected, most of the front runners were actually competing in the half marathon. Here is second place finisher in that race, Oliver Lange.  Right behind him is Mark Cole, who placed third.

Robert Rose finished fourth in the half marathon.

My neighbors are getting into it, too.

Fifth place by my place also finished fifth in the half: Rob Ellis.

Jim Brown, sixth.

Colton Wooldridge finished seventh.

At this point, the positions became a little more complicated (ie, they starting passing each other past my house!). Here is Nicholas Pinarski, who came in tenth in the half marathon. Right behind him is the first runner by my place who was competing in the full marathon, Adam Higham, who ended up coming in seventh in that race.

Jacob Walker, eighth place in the half.

Number 3568 on the left is Lucas Sullivan, who came in second in the full marathon.  On the right is Jay McCurdy, who placed 15th in the full marathon.

At this point, the runners come in larger groups...

Here's a shot looking down Madison.

In total, 10,700 runners placed in the full and half marathons in 2015. Here is a complete list of the results.