Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chimney Rehabilitation

What do you do to modernize a furnace for an old, 80-year old apartment building with radiator heat?  Well, this was my view...

Here's the building in question - a 1927, 16-unit apartment house across the street from me. 
The chimney before restoration.

The first step was to lop off a few rows of bricks from the chimney. 

The second step was to reline the flue with a flexible duct.

Make that two flexible ducts.

Toiling whilst people are enjoying good bar-b-q...

Well, shoot, it's too long.

The good news is that this was all occurring during a warm weekend when none of the tenants needed heat.

The final step is to install a new chimney cap.

Note the two caps for the two separate ducts.  Also note that the satellite dish was unscathed in this process.
Here is the building when it was first built (top left).  This is from the March 6, 1927, edition of the Commercial Appeal.

This old Sanborn Insurance map shows that our building once had a parking garage in its small rear yard.

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