Thursday, June 28, 2012

The McAplin gets a facelift.

The McAplin, pre-face lift.

The McAlpin Apartment House has served as the less attractive sister to the Biltmore apartment building for almost 90 years.  But she just got a little cuter with a much needed facelift.

The McAplin (foreground) and the Biltmore.  This morning shot shows the new brown color that is being added to the building's facade by its new owner who is renovating both buildings.

View from my parking lot of both buildings.
In addition to new paint on its exterior, the McAlpin's interior is being drastically rehabilitated.  Each unit contains one bedroom, one bath, a living room, a kitchen and a large walk-in closet.  Part of the renovation involves opening the kitchens to the living room.  My grandparents lived in the first floor unit on the right-hand side when they first got married.  My mom's room (as an infant) was the walk-in closet!

Once the bricks were painted, the decorative elements were addressed.  With the building being a darker color, these elements look like they did before the building was painted (see photo from 1951 here).
The color is a little darker in the afternoon sun. 

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